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Partnership opportunities for
manufacturers, retailers and
small businesses
The sharing economy
is shrinking the buying economy

Consumers are
learning to
options versus
purchasing items
that will have
limited use.

As rental
capacity grows,
sales capacity

Take action!
Retailers and
must find new
ways to capture
the revenue shift.

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The Process

We work with you to select your product assortment, integrate your SKUs into our platform, and stock them in our distribution centers (or yours).
Your products are featured and marketed via The Shed platform.
We manage the rental platform, rental delivery and pick-up, maintenance, insurance, and customer service for your products.

The Platform

  • Full service intake and rental engine

  • Machine learning powered pricing based on supply/demand

  • Real time product/order tracking

  • Rental delisting functionality

  • Integrated inventory management system

  • Payment and revenue share management system

  • Logistics and reverse logistics interface for managing deliveries and gig drivers

  • Online customer service chat

  • Insurance coverage on all rentals

  • Repair, maintenance and upkeep

  • Option for white labeling and licensing

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What else?
Supply Chain
  • Distribution Centers: Flexible square footage based on market size, temperature controlled and fully secured

  • Delivery Platform: Two hour, same day and two-day delivery options

  • Reverse Logistics: Complete management of reverse logistics

  • Gig Drivers: Exclusive delivery application provides gig drivers with fully optimized routing information. Gig drivers are fully vetted

  • Care, Custody and Control: Covers the product while in transit, stored at our distribution center and in possession of the renter

  • Driver Coverage: Covering all liability for our vehicles and drivers

  • General Liability: General liability covering bodily injury and property damage

  • Cyber: Protection against electronic threats to our computer systems and data

  • Umbrella: Extension of liability coverage to further protect business assets

Want to partner?
What should you Shed?
  • Product SKU’s most in demand for rental

  • Step-up products to attract new customer segments

  • New products/new models

  • End-of-life products

  • Refurbished products and returns
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